Who is the V.I.P. in your business?

Hey small business owner, Em Christine Photos here.

I see you.

It’s hard to do all the things in your business some days. I know it can be a lot. You probably wear a lot of hats, have plates spinning, and maybe even a crazy toddler or fur baby at your feet crying for some attention.

And if you didn’t know, you… you are THE most very important person in your business.

Now, Em Christine Photos in Columbus, Ohio wants to help you show the world your visual content!

Meet Ashley! She’s a graphic designer (who designed this beautiful website you see here!) in Columbus, Ohio, a mom, a daughter, a significant other, a tarot reader, a yoga instructor, a creative, a friend, and so much more!! She’s layered and multi-faceted and sometimes that can be hard to convey, but I am totally up for the challenge.

Let’s see the story of Bloom Mama from Columbus, Ohio.

So, Em Christine Photos crafted a super fun full day photoshoot for this VIP to really show who she is, what she does, what she loves, and all the things that show her true self. The mission with these Be You VIP Days is just that. A full day for you, to be YOU! You get pampered with hair and make-up by a fabulous Columbus, Ohio make-up artist to start the day, to get you feeling your best and the most confident. Naomi Alt with Rapunzel’s Radiance was our fabulous make-up artist for this photoshoot and always does a phenomenal job!

Here is some fun content we created together for Ashley’s Be You VIP Day photoshoot. We had a planning call beforehand to talk outfits, ideas to show, places the content would be used, logistics of including her little one (and her parents even came!) and so much more! We crafted this session especially for her!!

The first part of the session included her son, who is often playing with robots or other toys, and always insists on helping her work. First and foremost, she’s a momma. That’s why her business is called Bloom Mama. It’s one of her key values, so obviously, we had to share that!! So including him was a necessity and we welcomed having him there.

Then, we got to focus on just her. These photos were fun and full of her personality and her branding. This studio, Humble and Pine in Columbus, Ohio was perfect! From the colors she wore, to the barefootness, to the backdrop colors.

Then we got to work, showing her at work (see what I did there, haha!), creating a mood board, as she would for a client.

And seriously, what would a photoshoot with Em Christine Photos be without some celebrating?!

Oh, and if you need some tarot readings, she’s your girl too! She pulled three cards for me during the session that truly brought me to tears with how on point they were, and how much I needed them!

Having a super fun and versatile space was so helpful when planning these photos. The whole aesthetic was so on brand for her! We were even able to go outside for some shots! Humble and Pine studio was absolutely the perfect space.

So, location, location, location, when it comes to planning brand sessions. Seriously, it’s so important!

This woman does it all and is a trained yoga instructor too!

Oh, and it was around Christmas time, so of course we had to them some fun she could use to celebrate that too!

It’s always fun with Em Christine Photos here in Columbus, Ohio. Ashley left her photoshoot and has photos for her personal branding that she can be confident in, is useful and relatable content to share for days, weeks, even months that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, website, landing pages, Pinterest, and so much more!

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