Sunset Sunflowers Print Pre-Sale

Imagine having the perfect sunset every day…

Now you can with this gorgeous piece of artwork Em Christine Photos has created!


If you know me, you know sunflowers are one of my all time favorite thing, and add sunsets, and I’m in my own most magical place on earth!

One magical summer night, I was able to capture probably one of my favorite sunflower photos I’ve taken to date, and let me tell you, I’ve taken many!! haha

The power of photography knowledge and editing skills allowed me to create this photo and I’m pretty proud of it. 

I personally bought this print in 16×20 and it’s gorgeous!! So, I wanted to give others the opportunity to have it too.


I’m pre-selling these from now til September 17th!

Get your print ordered before the prices go up!

and I’ll include a free gift if ordered by Sept 17th too!

Orders will go out the end of September.

ps. Sunflower prints make great gifts too!

Sunset Sunflowers

Sunset Sunflowers

$25.00 - $125.00

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Supporting a local artist in Columbus, Ohio. One pretty sunflower and sunset at a time.

xoxo-Em + Lily