Another day, same puddle

Lily asks to put her rain boots and “municorn” jacket on to go play in the water outside. 

Thankfully, this hole at the curb of our driveway has kept water for a while, especially with the spring rain. 

Back and forth. Back and forth. 

Jump. Jump. 

Jump. Jump. 

Oh, a rock. Or maybe it’s a leaf. Just exploring the little things.  

We walk the curb line, through the line of puddles. Seeing her little face light up and be so happy, makes it ALL worth the numerous outfits we’ve gone through on a daily basis lol

I watch and laugh. And laugh and watch.

I watched her giggle every time she jumped and the water splashes. 

Every time she drops a big rock into the puddle.

Every time she found a new rock.

Every dandelion she smells with that super wrinkly “lizard face” nose that she does.

I took it all in. I’m still taking it all in. These moments are precious and fleeting so quickly.

I took lots of iPhone photos and videos to document the feeling she was feeling. The pure joy in just a little puddle at the end of our driveway. That’s what made her happy. This is just one of the things we’ve enjoyed, a lot, since the blur of days that were March-April-May 2020.

I’m so glad I got to enjoy this time with her! It’s really been a special time in her development as a little human! And she’s a pretty special one (though I know I may be a bit biased). I’m so grateful for this time.

Here’s just a small sliver of our Spring puddle sessions and walks. Now, I can’t wait to see what Summer has to bring – I see another “puddle” [pool] being the new full-body excitement! ha.

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